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    What to expect when you’re expecting… baby chicks

    We have gotten chickens just about every way you can think of, plus some others. We’ve bought baby chicks from our local feed store. We’ve gotten full-grown chickens from Craigslist (some were free, some we paid for, and some turned out to be half the size they appeared to be in their glamour shots). But our favorite way to get chickens so far is to incubate eggs ourselves and watch the miracle of fluff ball life.   What you’ll need: An incubator (we use this one)

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    Fall has arrived

    One of my favorite things about farming/homesteading is the closeness I feel with the weather. As I write this, the rain is pouring outside my window and the leaves are falling; we are in full autumn. The pace here is finally beginning to slow down. I always seem to feel ready for every change. I wait impatiently for spring to come, I plant with wild abandon, and by mid-summer I’ve exhausted myself and can hardly wait for warm tea, rainy days and sweaters.